Posts for vineyards and trellis systems (patent)

An exhaustive study of the posts on the market has allowed us to make improvements, which we can offer the sector. The aim of our development is to create a post that meets the requirements of the best trellis systems while improving the quality of the facilities, and can be reused. We can state our post reaches the HIGHEST QUALITY on the market in addition to REDUCING COSTS, since it is STURDY NON-DEFORMABLE, S, REUSABLE AND EASY TO INSTALL. Our system allows to place fewer pikes since it is possible to increase the distance of placement thanks to his strength.

-Withstands mechanical harvesting without problems.

-Due to its robustness, the number of posts required is reduced likewise the distance between them is increased, thereby resulting in considerable cost savings.

-Eliminates the tension supported by the initial trellis strut.

-Easier to nail in place due to the star-shaped tip, without deformation or rotation thereby reducing installation costs.

-The posts can be reused once the plant life cycle has ended.

-Resistance trebled, due to the union between the posts, forming a single structure.