PECOFRISA today, is a consolidated leading firm in the GALVANISED, FORMWORK, PIPE MANUFACTURING, STEEL PROFILES sectors in addition to manufacturing different MATERIALS FOR THE BUILDING INDUSTRY. However, to get where we are today a long road had to be travelled.

PECOFRISA dates back to 1961, where it began as a modest workshop in Zaragoza (Aragón). There, the founder, assisted by just two workers and fuelled by illusion and youth, embarked on the adventure of building the first roll-forming machine of the company. In 1977, the company PERFILES CONFORMADOS EN FRIO, S.A. (PECOFRISA) was founded in Calle Albarracín in Zaragoza where it remained until 2000, when the company moved to its current premises in Villanueva de Gallego (Zaragoza) in the province of Aragón.

Throughout its entire development and growth process, PECOFRISA has never ceased in its endeavour to improve, and in particular, to provide the best customer service for all the customers this family business has won over the years. This is why with the aid of our customers, we have developed and created new options and products over these 50 years. Thus, today, we can say without a shadow of doubt that we are leaders in the steel piping and profile industry.

Our management system is based on the standards of quality and environmental ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 respectively.

Despite being consolidated in Zaragoza, our wish to continue improving and extending our distribution network to offer a wider product range has led PECOFRISA to embark on an internationalisation process. In recent years we have introduced our products into countries like France and Portugal, where we can now consider ourselves fully established thanks to the co-operation of our representatives, who assist in making our products known outside Spain.

We hope to continue relying on all those who have accompanied us over the years not to mention the expansion of our frontiers.